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Hotshots snooker and pool lounge offers a wide range of services to meet your snooker and pool requirements. From professional coaching through to full event hire for your tournament. Pop in and visit us, we offer private off road parking fully covered by CCTV, refreshments, an Internet cafe and copy shop.
Just drop in with your mates for a casual session or you can pre-book tables for your own event. Whatever your requirements please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Coaching Services

Get world class snooker or pool coaching with one of the worlds top players.
We can give one-on-one or group professional snooker and pool coaching to aficionados of the sport at any level. Coaching makes an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a session on the baize, our competitive rates mean its a gift that wont break the bank. Our one-on-one coaching allows individuals to learn from a professional at their own pace,taking them to their own next level.

For that perfect gift, we can also offer coaching for longer 2 or 3 hour sessions which can even include a practice game too. Please contact us to book a session
Event and Tournament Hire

Pool and Snooker tables can be hired for events including corporate events, weddings, office events and parties. Rent a pool or snooker table for your next club tournament event.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, included in the rental is a full delivery and installation service by qualified table installers ensuring the table is fitted correctly giving optimum performance. We can also arrange the hire of a full range of accessories to complement your table.
Internet Cafe

Hot Shots offers an internet cafe, with high speed fibre powered broadband internet access with zero contention.
In addition we offer a full print and copy shop.
Refreshments and snacks are available and our helpful and fully trained staff are always ready to offer assistance.
Group Bookings

Group bookings are always welcome, booking your party or event is very simple, all you need to do is decide on the number of people attending, and your preferred time slot. Then contact us to arrange everything else for you

Want to have a game of snooker or pool after work, fancy a break before heading out to a party. Ensure you get to play on our tables at a time that suits you, please contact us to make a reservation. Group bookings are always welcome you can call us on 091700877 or email us on
Repairs and Table Servicing

We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including:

Table Re-covering:
1. Remove the old bed-cloth from the table
2. Thoroughly clean the slate of loose dust
3. Attend to the slate joints using slate compound where necessary
4. Completely re-level the table
5. Recover cushions with new cloth using new cushion slips as necessary
6. Fit new cloth to the slate bed
7. Carefully re-fit all cushion rails
8. Re-mark and re-spot the table
9. Leave the table ready for play

Fitting Tension:
If fitted too tightly the cloth will tend to play fast. Too slack and the opposite is true. Both extremes will have a detrimental effect on the cloth performance.

New cloth slackens after use (actual times vary in relation to conditions of temperature and humidity) and should be re-stretched after 6 to 9 months from date of fitting. Re-stretching will further improve the playing speed of the table and also lengthens the life of the material by disturbing to positions of greatest wear in the pocket openings and the spot positions. Re-stretching the cloth on your table involves the following:

1. Remove the bed-cloth from the table
2. Thoroughly clean the slate of loose dust
3. Attend to the slate joints using slate compound where necessary
4. Completely re-level the table
5. Carefully re-fit all cushion rails
6. Re-mark and re-spot the table
7. Leave the table ready for play

Re rubbering:
1. Remove all cushion & pocket components
2. Remove the old cloth from the cushions
3. Remove the old timber blocks & building up strips cleaning down the face of the cushion body
4. Fit the new timber blocks to the cushion body
5. Fit new 'grade A' rubber to the timber block
6. Fit new building up strips to the timber block to support the rubber
7. Cut the rubber to fit the pocket openings to required specifications
8. Cover the cushions with new cloth fitting new cushion slips as necessary
9. Leave the table ready for play in first class condition

Whatever you need in the way of servicing please contact us to arrange a no obligation quotation
Regular Competitions

Hot Shots will host a number of competitions throughout the coming year, please contact us to discuss up and coming events and tournaments
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